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A long-term effort, involving people at all levels within the organization, from the organization’s key leaders i.e, CEOs, Executive Directors, top managers to employees at entry level. A project with a goal to improve the entire system that works together for example:

A Direction to Move In

  • Create a direction for the future—strategic plan
  • Developing clarity about the organization’s core values—becoming a more values-driven organization
  • Engaging members or employees in shaping and "owning" the direction—seeking commitment to the direction
  • Basing the direction on an alignment between the organization’s strengths, mission, and vision and the opportunities and challenges offered by the organization’s external context

People Development

  • Engaging in an intentional process of "people development"—developing competence and commitment for particular tasks, as well as, the ability to function effectively in teams, serve clients or customers, accept responsibility for self-care and development, and maintain commitment to the organization’s leaders, mission, and values
  • Developing a process of employee/member recruitment, selection, orientation, and incorporation that fits the direction and culture of the organization
  • Creating an organizational culture that has a positive quality of life—in which people experience adequate levels of safety and security, acknowledgment and reward, a chance to participate in decisions effecting themselves and their work, and opportunities to grow

Structures & Processes

  • Make more use of teams to take responsibility for particular products, services or processes
  • Increased self-management by teams and individuals
  • Increased flexibility in roles and decision making processes—more driven by goals & values, based on competency & commitment
  • An increased flow of information—more getting information to people in a timely, useful and accurate manner and less concern about going through channels and control
  • A more participative and strategic form of management and decision making
  • A more customer/client focused orientation
  • Care about the impact of physical settings on people and productivity

System Dynamics

  • Increased productivity—by building internal commitment, self-management and collaboration; by increasing the options and range of choice in decision making; by creating an open flow of information and communication; and by attention to acceptance issues, related to people and the organization’s direction and culture
  • Enhanced ability to build trust and manage conflict
  • Shaping a climate of cooperation and continuous improvement and reducing any climate of fear and blame
  • Improved ability for managing the polarity of change and stability
  • Increase the capacity to learn from the organization’s experience


  • Increased ability to manage in a manner that matches a person or team’s competence and commitment to leadership style—management that both respects the person and focuses on results
  • An increased capacity for self-differentiated leadership that attends to the organization’s need for setting direction, staying connected to members/employees, and coping with resistance
  • Increased emphasis on people development
  • Increased flexibility in leadership styles—providing leadership that fits the organization’s culture and place in its own life cycle
  • Improved ability to lead in a manner consistent with the personality type of the particular leader

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