Other Services

Our other services include but are not limited to::

  • Executive Coaching and Counseling - Performance Consulting Services has developed great skills in assisting individuals and organizations and achieving break-through results.
  • Meeting /Training Facilitation Certification – We offer facilitation services for teams, groups and organizations small or large.
  • Organization/Workplace Audit/Assessment - Key influencers for individuals, managerial, teams, and organizational success are feedback and assessments. We us a variety of assessment tools to provide a quantitative and qualitative snapshot of an organization's workforce through a staff survey and analysis.
  • Organizational Series Training – Is a series of progressive business performance and skill training developed around a variety of topics (i.e.; Communications, Organizational Alignment Thinking, Diversity, Inclusion and Integrity, Leadership, Teaming, etc.) delivered to the entire organization.
  • Empowered Partners/ Teaming – From time to time quality co-worker, leaders, supervisors and subordinates clash, which could have a negative impact on the organization's morale and bottom line. Empowered partners/teams explore strategies and solutions to effectively optimize the relationship between work partners, to achieve the highest level of organizational productivity.
Most Frequently Requested Training Programs
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Awareness
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Interactive Behavioral Styles
  • Empowerment and Productivity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mission / Vision / Critical Success Factor
  • Alignment Thinking
  • High Performance Teaming
  • Empowered Partners
  • Time Mastery
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Leadership Styles
  • Strategic & Critical Communication

We also provide Facilitation / Workplace Audit or Assessment

Customized Training Available!

In Regard to Diversity Training:

Upon request, a racial, gender and age diverse training teams are available.

Certification Companies
  • Acclivus
  • Steffen and Steffen
  • Wilson Learning
  • Pecos River Learning Center
  • Forum
  • O.D.I.
  • Holden Corporation
  • Huthwaite
  • LSI
  • Carlson Learning Company
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Xerox
  • Ridge and Associates

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